Thunderbird upgrade.

Yesterday I upgraded my Thunderbird from 1.0.7 to 1.5. My surprise was that Calendar plugin stop working! It was lucky because I found a new Calendar plugin Lighting, that let me to import the old Calendars. with better integration with Thunderbird.

Eye in the sky.

In my institute there are installed a server with Windows 2000 with its firewall... Yesteday, we received a port scan:

Tipo de suceso: Advertencia
Origen del suceso:      Control de Microsoft ISA Server
Categoría del suceso:   Filtro de paquetes
Id. del suceso: 15105
Fecha:          22/03/2006
Hora:           9:58:26
Usuario:                No disponible
Equipo: MAIA
El servidor ISA detectó un ataque de todos los puertos de la dirección IP (protocolo Internet)  
Para obtener más información acerca de este evento, vea la Ayuda del servidor ISA.
0000: 1f 00 00 00               ....

If you search the name this IP to know who is the owner, you obtain:


What's doing Microsoft? Why they scan us? What are they looking for?

Experiences with oracle in Debian

I few months ago I decided to add support to Oracle database to dbconfig-common frontend. At that moment, I began learning how to install it and how to manage it.

My work:
1.- Download Software. My first surprise: Oracle -> 685M, Postgres -> 15,8M
2.- Read Manuals: A lot of them, with a high quality but... I can't find how to install in Debian. Google solves it: Desktop Survival Guide. Tricky but works!
3.- Manual database create/remove/test/dump...:
* create/dump: dbca is a graphical frontend than help to it; the --silent parameter let it works without graphical frontend.
* dump: exp works nice. The first test: to dump a complete void database (1 user, 1 table), takes 9 minutes and 12Mb!!!; Postgres -> 9 sec. and 200k for 100 tables/triggers.

I always hear than Oracle is the best database, but now I'm not to sure.

- The installation is too tricky.
- Create databases is slow (minutes)
- 9 minutes and 12mb to dump a complete void database? Slow!!!!!
- To work correctly you need to manually define 7 environment variables. No comments.
- It needs a big server. 500Mb Ram, 1Gb Swap, minimum.
- It's not possible to create a database remotely because it's necessary to create manually directories locally.

I was thinking about create debian packages for the new Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Beta Release , but It will be a lot of work. Maybe an alioth project?

About dbconfig-common... It will be probably finished this week, but it will need a lot of test/verify before release it.

Back to work.

The last months I've been almost MIA because I use almost all my time to work with my NM process, my twins and my work as teacher.
Now, my NM process is finished, and I had begin again with all my works.
I've updated translations I had in a box, continue packaging moto4lin, than I promise to had finished a month ago and continue with dbconfig-common work. I've sent an ITT to three documents from debian installer manual, translated two documents more, I've updated dbconfig-common and beep translations.

To continue with dbconfig-common I'm learning oracle. The first and not easy step is install it in Debian. I must to learn to create, remove, update databases only using command line, learn how different forms exists to access to a oracle database and a lot of little things more.

The NM process is long, maybe too long, but necessary. It's a perfect filter to know if a maintainer is a good maintainer. My NM process is now in the last stage. I'm waiting to DAM approval.

NM Process questions.

I've finished the first part of my NM process, and I'm waiting for the T&S questions. The first block of P&P was ugly... A lot of DFSG related questions. It's boring and too large. Maybe it was better to allot all questions between all blocks. The second part was more interesting. Debian Policy and Developers Reference are two very interesting high quality documents. Although I've read them a few months ago, I've learned a few new things and found a debian debian-policy bug.

When I was in the first steps of NM process, I was looking for templates to T&S and P&P but I could not found them. But this templates are public and you could found them here. I don't knok how long are them up to date as you could see as Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt blog.

AM assigned.

My work in Debian was being hard, working on a lot of sides, translations to catalan, maintaining packages, working with new packages and working with dbconfig-common and dl10n alioth projects.

A few months ago Aurelien began to sponsor me and then I inscribed me to the New Maintainer application list. I was reading each they the movements on the application list, and today It has changed. Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt has been assigned as my Application Manager.

I was waiting for this moment, but now, I'm very nervous.

New projects

I've discovered dbconfig-common project, a very interesting seanius work used to help to create new database based packages. I've joined to it and Í've done my first commit to cvs.
Two new packages dbconfig-common based is ready to upload to sid, mydms and bulmacont. When dbconfig-common will be on sid, I've ask aurel32 to upload mydms to unstable.