December 5th, 2007

Vim (2)

I've been using vim for long time. Last weeks I've been improving my configuration, and now I have:

* Integration with quilt
* Navigate into deb files
* It shows C functions prototypes
* auto-completion of C structures
* auto-completion of known strings
* Project management
* syntax correction
* translate documents with apertium
* doxygen function auto-comment
* extended shell scripts support (snippets insertion, syntax correction, parameters control...)
* highlight current line
* show unified diff for local file changes

And now: I must to program in java. I don't like it, and the worst is that the better I found to program in java is Eclipse. It's powerful but it needs a lot of processor, memory...

Recently I've discovered eclim, a vim plugin that integrates Eclipse on it!!! The only "problem" I found on it is that it need eclipse 3.3 and in Debian we only have 3.2. I've downloaded and old eclim version (1.2.3) and it seems to work nice in Debian.