November 13th, 2006

bulmages package.

  Bulmages is a big invoice program that has developed as a project in Iglues organization.
René Merou and I have been working in bulmages package more than one year. And now, at 15 days to release etch, It's ready!

   I've been thinking to wait to Etch is out, but I've decided to upload it. It's not an a package for experimental, so I've uploaded to unstable, but when it is in unstable, I'll report a RC bug to avoid problems with Etch release. Only if Etch is delayed enought (and I don't think so) and if it has enought installations I'll let it enter.

   If the Dunc-Tank project doesn't exist, I'd let it enter Etch, but I don't want anybody say me I've uploaded it to delay Etch.