December 4th, 2005

Experiences with oracle in Debian

I few months ago I decided to add support to Oracle database to dbconfig-common frontend. At that moment, I began learning how to install it and how to manage it.

My work:
1.- Download Software. My first surprise: Oracle -> 685M, Postgres -> 15,8M
2.- Read Manuals: A lot of them, with a high quality but... I can't find how to install in Debian. Google solves it: Desktop Survival Guide. Tricky but works!
3.- Manual database create/remove/test/dump...:
* create/dump: dbca is a graphical frontend than help to it; the --silent parameter let it works without graphical frontend.
* dump: exp works nice. The first test: to dump a complete void database (1 user, 1 table), takes 9 minutes and 12Mb!!!; Postgres -> 9 sec. and 200k for 100 tables/triggers.

I always hear than Oracle is the best database, but now I'm not to sure.

- The installation is too tricky.
- Create databases is slow (minutes)
- 9 minutes and 12mb to dump a complete void database? Slow!!!!!
- To work correctly you need to manually define 7 environment variables. No comments.
- It needs a big server. 500Mb Ram, 1Gb Swap, minimum.
- It's not possible to create a database remotely because it's necessary to create manually directories locally.

I was thinking about create debian packages for the new Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Beta Release , but It will be a lot of work. Maybe an alioth project?

About dbconfig-common... It will be probably finished this week, but it will need a lot of test/verify before release it.