October 22nd, 2005

Back to work.

The last months I've been almost MIA because I use almost all my time to work with my NM process, my twins and my work as teacher.
Now, my NM process is finished, and I had begin again with all my works.
I've updated translations I had in a box, continue packaging moto4lin, than I promise to had finished a month ago and continue with dbconfig-common work. I've sent an ITT to three documents from debian installer manual, translated two documents more, I've updated dbconfig-common and beep translations.

To continue with dbconfig-common I'm learning oracle. The first and not easy step is install it in Debian. I must to learn to create, remove, update databases only using command line, learn how different forms exists to access to a oracle database and a lot of little things more.

The NM process is long, maybe too long, but necessary. It's a perfect filter to know if a maintainer is a good maintainer. My NM process is now in the last stage. I'm waiting to DAM approval.