April 8th, 2005

Ubuntu e-mail

A few months ago, I opened an ITP to ocrad package, then I tried to find an sponsor and seems to be not possible to find one. I uploaded it to nm.d.o and forgot it. Now, i've received this mail from Ubuntu:

Hello Miguel,

I'm working on the community team that is bringing extra packages into
Ubuntu's Universe component so they are more easily found by Ubuntu
users. We've selected this package that you maintain:

- ocrad

So this will be part of the Ubuntu 5.04 release on April 8th. We may
add more packages after Hoary, for the next release in October,
codenamed Breezy Badger.

We'd like to work with you to make sure that the latest version of your
packages is always in Ubuntu. Feel free to mail me whenever you have new
versions of the packages for testing or commentary. If you'd like to be
able to upload directly to Ubuntu then we can arrange that. We organise
ourselves as an open community project - some details are at
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU if you'd like to join the ubuntu universe.

Have a nice day,
Daniel Holbach

It seems as Ubuntu is working to add software faster than Debian. I'm thinking my answer.