March 16th, 2005

Debian and the Vancouver release team meeting

It seems impossible to release Sarge. I've received in 2 days 800 mails about Vancouver release team meeteing subject.
My opinion:
Abandon an architecture is throw users. Whats happen if we realease by blocks? I could release a block with main architectures (i386,powerpc,ia64,itianium?) and other blocks with the others, releasing them but no necessarily in the same moment. A few of them will disappear if there are not interest on maintaining them because no help to do it, but, if a architecture is out of main block and is enought people interested on it, it will be released at time.
It could be as I'll be trying to be a fork, but is no the idea. The difference could be that we could have more than one package per upstream, with coordination but not blocking themseves on releases.