January 9th, 2005

Get back at work.

Holidays is going down... Tomorrow I must come back to work, and it's not my preference in this moment. I've been enjoying my wife and sons. I must think in work again. In this hollidays, I've did:

- Packaged pngwriter for Debian. Nice person Paul Blackburn, the upstream. I've added to my contacts on messenger.
- Packaged a new version for acx100 driver (0.2.0pre8+44-1).
- I'm translating a d-i document to catalan (long)
- I'm translating FET to catalan (long looong)
- I have been working in correct RC bugs in Debian (none corrected, one I found was a false bug, and the another one is not a package bug, it was a kernel bug!).
- I offered me as a co-maintainer for cdrtools.

I must to thank to my sponsor Aurelien Jarno for sponsor me for my new maintained package pngwriter.