xerakko (xerakko) wrote,

My .dupload.conf file

I've prepared a private autobuilder. As I've setup the incoming using scp, I don't need to gpg sign each package.  But dupload complained saying that the package is not gpg signed. Lurking in dupload code, I found It's possible overriding the default preupload for my default host:
     package config;
     $default_host = "eragon";
     $cfg{'eragon'} = {
             fqdn => "eragon",
             method => "scp",
             incoming => "/data/autobuilder/incoming/unstable",
             # files pass on to dinstall on ftp-master which sends emails itself
             dinstall_runs => 1,

       $cfg{'eragon'}{preupload}{'changes'} = '/bin/true';
Tags: debian

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