My .dupload.conf file

I've prepared a private autobuilder. As I've setup the incoming using scp, I don't need to gpg sign each package.  But dupload complained saying that the package is not gpg signed. Lurking in dupload code, I found It's possible overriding the default preupload for my default host:
     package config;
     $default_host = "eragon";
     $cfg{'eragon'} = {
             fqdn => "eragon",
             method => "scp",
             incoming => "/data/autobuilder/incoming/unstable",
             # files pass on to dinstall on ftp-master which sends emails itself
             dinstall_runs => 1,

       $cfg{'eragon'}{preupload}{'changes'} = '/bin/true';


Last years, Francis Tyers has been working as Debian maintainer for Apertium packages and upstream (Apertium is an open-source machine translation platform), and I've been sponsoring it all this time.

Today, I've uploaded a new version for Apertium (3.0.7) that solves a few errors that has been blocking a new lang pair. This new pair is en-es. It's still in beta status, but the quality is quite good.

Now, we can see in Debian a lot of pairs:

  • English-Spanish
  • English-Catalan
  • French-Spanish
  • French-Catalan
  • Spanish-Romanian
  • Spanish-Portuguese
  • Spanish-Galician
  • Spanish-Catalan
  • Esperanto-Spanish
  • Esperanto-Catalan

    There are too a graphical user interface for Apertium (apertium-tolk) that is a useful test program for apertium-dbus.

    The present for apertium: support txt, html, rtf, odt, docx, wxml and xlsx documents.

    The future... more lang pairs (spanish-basque, catalan-romanian, spanish-occitan and catalan-occitan)... integration with OpenOffice and Iceweasel

    Vim (2)

    I've been using vim for long time. Last weeks I've been improving my configuration, and now I have:

    * Integration with quilt
    * Navigate into deb files
    * It shows C functions prototypes
    * auto-completion of C structures
    * auto-completion of known strings
    * Project management
    * syntax correction
    * translate documents with apertium
    * doxygen function auto-comment
    * extended shell scripts support (snippets insertion, syntax correction, parameters control...)
    * highlight current line
    * show unified diff for local file changes

    And now: I must to program in java. I don't like it, and the worst is that the better I found to program in java is Eclipse. It's powerful but it needs a lot of processor, memory...

    Recently I've discovered eclim, a vim plugin that integrates Eclipse on it!!! The only "problem" I found on it is that it need eclipse 3.3 and in Debian we only have 3.2. I've downloaded and old eclim version (1.2.3) and it seems to work nice in Debian.

    (no subject)

    A few days ago, I was sponsoring some packages. My laptop has something broken and it sometimes shows irreproducible errors, so I used another computer to make the package builds... I did an error. I didn't do it with pbuilder... so the result was a few ftbfs.

    To avoid this to happen again, I've prepared my own autobuilder with a incoming system with a few scripts writen by Matt Brown.

    I suppose it will do my sponsors have his/her packages uploaded faster and I don't forget again to built them in a jail!

    New synfig and synfigstudio packages.

    Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources.

    Yesterday, upstream released a new version that solves a lot of known problems. Paul Wise has worked  hard and has prepared the new package. (Thanks for your work!!!)

    Now, we need your help testing this new version. You can install the new packages (version 0.61.06-1), test them and report bugs.

    At this moment, we have two bugs (#370461 and #370459) blocking it and we are waiting your bug reports to know if we can close them.

    You could find a lot of samples on  Synfig samples page, but maybe you want to test it with a Debian related animation!